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Am Back!

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I was not able to go online for quite a number of days. Gees things are not going well. I am physically sick and mentally a wreck. My relationship with my girlfriend has nose-dived (not a surprise eh!) I am almost sure now that we won’t be able to make it. She is a nice girl and almost everyone in her family loves me but I guess we are opposites of each other. My only hope now is that we live happily without each other in pursuance of our own separate dreams.


Darjeeling Shut Down

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Darjeeling 11 am: The Market remained closed today due to the reported racial clashes in Siliguri. No untoward situation was reported.

Agitating populace in Darjeeling

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A Barun Roy Endeavour

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A Barun Roy Endeavour LogoAll my creations including Posters, Paintings, CD/DVD Covers, Logos and others will now come with a ‘Barun Roy Endeavour Logo’ and watermark for protection against design, idea and concept theft. I think that it is paramount for us to copyright and trademark our creations for protection against theft and misuse. My experiences with Nafisha’ a short story and later a movie script where it was distorted, misrepresented and ultimately rewritten with another title ‘Yahaan’ and adapted into a big budget Bollywood movie without a dime or courtesy call and most recently with Triratna Productions where I was not paid for my creations vis-à-vis Triratna Productions Logos and others were grossly disappointing. While Yahaan went out to become a great success at the box office without me anywhere in its titles, I was able to stop Triratna Productions from using my logos. They have given up using all my logos.

Books on Google Books

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It’s good to know that my books are now also available on Google Books. Books have always been my first love – both reading and writing them. I hope that one day all my books are available to all readily and in modest price if not in free. Please check out my books on Google Books.