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Strange but true

Posted in Somethings I must say with tags , , , on December 14, 2007 by Barun Roy

I was growing through the historic Indian flags and found to my utter surprise that Darjeeling Hills at certain period are inside the state of Bihar and sometimes in the state of West Bengal – this seems basically after the independence of India. I want to investigate more on the issue as I cannot at these moment trust these maps. If you folks have historic Indian maps could you please send me or comment on this blog?


Rediscovering Shangri La

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The Himalayan TravellerIf words could have portrayed our emotions, like colours in the hands of a painter; if words could have latched on to the reality of moment like a nestled dream in our mind… I would have been happy. I would have danced around the meadowed green like a cur training to catch a butterfly, like an unborn child trying to wiggle his way out from the womb of his mother. But alas, my words fail me… They leave me alone in the midst of battle surrounded by enemy, unarmed and baffled. Only to stop beyond the lines to look back and mock at the General, they once served well. True, I am a man of words, and just words, as Annabelle once pointed out. True, I am a man moist in the deluge of dreams and imagination as Sherry once evaluated. But still, I can’t make it. Words fail me, when I need them the most today……

Emerald green, divine blue, visions of dream perhaps.

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