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Darjeeling Times Launched

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An English monthly news-magazine launched in Darjeeling.


My Experiments in Animation – Water drops

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Big Mouth Studios – Animation in Darjeeling Hills

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Animator/Narrator/Concept: Barun Roy

Viva la Freedom of Speech

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I am excited and elated … things might be bad… the closest people around me might have turned my life into hell, I might not have had a book published for almost four years now, the turn of events in the beloved hills might have turned worst… still I am feeling excited and elated. The print journalism in the hills is dead. I know I am part of that fraternity. Besides writing about what seems obvious to us, the political leaders and the people themselves nothing else, journalism wise can be published. Everybody is scared. How wants to become martyrs to the craft where your salary can’t even offer you a decent living? But there is a way for all those who wants to speak out remaining visible like me or undercover like many. The net is filled with these genuine heroes who speak their mind and I for one salute them. And they are not few but many. Kudos to you guys and gals. You are working towards a new era – with people like you – there is hope for our beloved land called Darjeeling Hills. Viva La Freedom of Speech. it

A visit to the Mahakala Temple

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Barun RoyI had the good fortune to visit Mahakala Temple situated at the Observatory Hill in Darjeeling after almost five years. The visit was made even more memorable by my mother, my girlfriend, my aunt and her children who accompanied me to the temple. A lot of pics were taken as usual but this time I became the subject of most of the pics.

I strongly recommend all visitors to Darjeeling to visit the magnificient Observatory Hill and the Mahakala Temple.

Here are some of the pics from the visit. Most of these pics are people oriented as I love to work with them as my subject.

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[I was going to numerous material on Kinanthropometry but they have at best been too complicated for lesser mortals to understand. I like simpler words and hence here is some discussion on the subject which tries to explain Kinanthropometry clearly and lucidly. Please comment if you want to add some info]

Kinanthropometry can be defined as the quantitative interface between anatomy and physiology, or between human structure and function. It is a scientific specialization that employs measurements to appraise human size, shape,proportions, composition, maturation and gross function. Its purpose is to help us understand human movement in the context of growth, exercise, performance and nutrition. Many of the issues seen in the gymnastics literature (such as growth, eating disorders, talent selection, training at a very young age) relate to kinanthropometry. The discipline is central to the scientific foundations of women’s gymnastics. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a criticaloverview of the kinanthropometric literature related to female gymnasts.