Some of my T-shirt designs

I love wearing T-shirts. The idea of designing my own T-shirts was given by my best friend Subash Sthapit. I have since designed numerous T-shirts. The designs are simplistic and minimal. I like to keep things simple. Too much of any thing is ugly for me. Check out these T-shirts if you like any one or would want to purchase one drop a line at and I will get right back to you.

T-shirt with Darjeeling Logo

T-shirt with the Darjeeling Logo

T-shirt with horoscope

T-shirt with the Horoscope


6 Responses to “Some of my T-shirt designs”

  1. u hav a messngr id or sumthn!?

  2. You can message or chat with me through gmail. My gmail account it



  3. Daily Observer Says:

    Are those for sale?

  4. Daily Observer I made the first one for the Darjeeling Carnival! We are trying to revive the Darjeeling Carnival and turn it into a Gorkhaland Carnival. The second I designed for a friend in Kathmandu. I have lots of Tshirts Designs.


  5. Dissertation And how, is possible And?Heavy price if, marketing website When.New rule Well, – hours in.Fast-food restaurants are hardy t-shirt, vigor In currentlyrsquos This exercise is.Experience Pays When, order to send.,

  6. above designer T-shirt is looking alluring also offers International standard quality t shirt from factory direct @ Rs.130.

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