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This is me, this is what I am – Barun Roy

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Darjeeling! Most of you know me through Beacon Online [The Himalayan Beacon] or through my books. While my books and Beacon Online have to a point restricted me, I have always loved to free myself through my thoughts and even run amok. This site is personal – it is about me, my thought and my works. And as my thought ‘ravage rampant like the brazen eastern tempest’ I might be writing about any thing in this universe. I don’t know how much they might affect you…but truth be told, I have always written for myself, my thoughts and my words have been my refugee and my joy.  So, before I go ranting forever, welcome to my home in the World Wide Web.



Darjeeling Times Launched

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An English monthly news-magazine launched in Darjeeling.

Big Mouth Studios – Animation in Darjeeling Hills

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Animator/Narrator/Concept: Barun Roy


China: Arunachal Pradesh is ours!!!

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Diplomatic squabble is taking prominent stage. China keeps claiming Arunachal Pradesh is part of China. India flat out said its all bogus. Arunachal was, and will be part of India forever. This time Indian Army is do yielding even an inch.

China is hoping to counter American influences in Asia with strong strategic and trade relationship with India. China wants a free trade agreement (FTA). India is not quite sure because of restrictive labor laws and expansion of the counterfeit industry in China.

Heated exchange of words between India�s foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee and Chinese Ambassador in India was note worthy. India does not need China as much China needs India. India is irritated with Chinese overt and covert help to Pakistan.

According to media reports, amid India’s strong rejection of Chinese claim of sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh, Beijing sought to downplay the issue and said it was the �strategic goal� of the two countries to find an early, fair and rational solution to the vexed boundary issue.

“I have not seen such a report. I will make a double check,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu said.

Jiang refuse to comment further when asked about New Delhi’s rejection of Beijing’s claim that Arunachal Pradesh was Chinese territory.

Chinese Ambassador Sun Yuxi on Monday claimed that the east Indian state was Chinese territory.


New posts

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Dear Friends there are so many issues that concern us and take place all over the globe and since this is a generalized form of my blog I think I showed broaden my own personal perspective as well. Hence, from now one I will be including blogs on numerous issues that concern us. Please do comment!


Strange but true

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I was growing through the historic Indian flags and found to my utter surprise that Darjeeling Hills at certain period are inside the state of Bihar and sometimes in the state of West Bengal – this seems basically after the independence of India. I want to investigate more on the issue as I cannot at these moment trust these maps. If you folks have historic Indian maps could you please send me or comment on this blog?



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Well all the hard work done and much mid-night oil burned has lead to I hope a great magazine. Darjeeling Hills needs a professional unbiased news-magazine and through DARJEELINGTIMESdotCOM we have tried to do exactly that. Of course, when it comes out to the market the readers will be the ultimate judge. But I hope that they will appreciate it.