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Some of the Posters I have designed

Posted in My Works on August 1, 2008 by Barun Roy

I am requested for designing almost every thing from posters, to album covers. I love them all and have in these short periods created numerous posters for Movies, Music Albums, Rock Concerts/Contests so on. I am posting some of them here. Check them out. Please note that all these posters have been downsized. If you want to get a print of them in their original size you can just drop a comment or write to me at and I can get in touch with you personally. Thanks.

The Great Himalayan Rock Contest

The Great Himalayan Rock Contest 2007 , Darjeeling (All New)

Beacon Poster

Advertisement Poster for Beacon


Some of my Animations

Posted in My Works on August 1, 2008 by Barun Roy

I have always been drawn towards animation. However, I have never had any training in it nor the required tools. Still, my works have been mostly the fruit of love. Check them out!

My first fully Nepali animated feature – Big Mouth Studios is the name of my Movie Editing and Animation Studio however, I have now changed the name to Broken Wind Studios.

My experiments with Liquid Balls. I love the way they react due to inertia