Some of my Animations

I have always been drawn towards animation. However, I have never had any training in it nor the required tools. Still, my works have been mostly the fruit of love. Check them out!

My first fully Nepali animated feature – Big Mouth Studios is the name of my Movie Editing and Animation Studio however, I have now changed the name to Broken Wind Studios.

My experiments with Liquid Balls. I love the way they react due to inertia


One Response to “Some of my Animations”

  1. The Big Mouth Studios promo is always my favourite. I was editing Disha – An Experience, a film by Bhaskar Pradhan. Bhaskarda is a close friend and a peer and we bond like blood brothers. Most of our life circumstances also match and we sometimes, almost like identical twins. Of course, Bhaskarda is a 100 feet taller than me in all comparisons, I love to work with him. He had asked me to create a promo for his ‘Drishti’ Productions and while I was working on it, I came to the realization that I should also have a production or at least the name of the studio as I was editing the film. Of course, I have never been keen on editing things which is what I always seem to end up doing, I ended up spending 8 eight hours a day and all of them mostly night as I had to attend my professional responsibilities. I would be essentially exhausted and out of my wits. And in one such night when I slogged upon drinking tea, I cursed myself ‘if it were not for my big mouth…wanting to help every one, I would have been sleeping peacefully…” In anger I named my home movie studio as “Big Mouth Studios” and the tirade that the promo features is Barun Roy at his wits’ end.

    Another interesting incident about this promo is that I put it at the end of the movie even after the castings completed. In the Premiere, when everybody were leaving the Hall and the castings were rolling on the screen, people were shocked when all of a sudden, people heard me ranting like a wild pig…I was sitting at the last row, the Producer was pissed off but I had the laugh of my life.


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