Strange but true

I was growing through the historic Indian flags and found to my utter surprise that Darjeeling Hills at certain period are inside the state of Bihar and sometimes in the state of West Bengal – this seems basically after the independence of India. I want to investigate more on the issue as I cannot at these moment trust these maps. If you folks have historic Indian maps could you please send me or comment on this blog?


One Response to “Strange but true”

  1. radical hypocrite Says:

    If you happen to visit Kolkata, or have friends there, check out the Geological Survey of India. They do have a collection of old maps.
    (Map sale section , Map & Cartography Division, Geological Survey of India, 2nd Floor, 29, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata-700 016, INDIA. Te. No. (033) 22861649/50, 22861745/48, Extn.-3211. Fax No. (033)2286-1652) The office is just behind the Indian Museum midway btwn Esplanade and Park Street.

    Possibly these government people won’t be giving you importance, so first check out the libraries in Siliguri and Darjeeling for maps made by British surveyors like L.S.S.O’ Malley in the 1920s or even earlier ones from the 19th century. And the best place to look for is always the National Library Kolkata for they have collections from the East India Company times. 🙂

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