China: Arunachal Pradesh is ours!!!

Diplomatic squabble is taking prominent stage. China keeps claiming Arunachal Pradesh is part of China. India flat out said its all bogus. Arunachal was, and will be part of India forever. This time Indian Army is do yielding even an inch.

China is hoping to counter American influences in Asia with strong strategic and trade relationship with India. China wants a free trade agreement (FTA). India is not quite sure because of restrictive labor laws and expansion of the counterfeit industry in China.

Heated exchange of words between India�s foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee and Chinese Ambassador in India was note worthy. India does not need China as much China needs India. India is irritated with Chinese overt and covert help to Pakistan.

According to media reports, amid India’s strong rejection of Chinese claim of sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh, Beijing sought to downplay the issue and said it was the �strategic goal� of the two countries to find an early, fair and rational solution to the vexed boundary issue.

“I have not seen such a report. I will make a double check,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu said.

Jiang refuse to comment further when asked about New Delhi’s rejection of Beijing’s claim that Arunachal Pradesh was Chinese territory.

Chinese Ambassador Sun Yuxi on Monday claimed that the east Indian state was Chinese territory.


34 Responses to “China: Arunachal Pradesh is ours!!!”

  1. addresses Says:

    Arunachal Pradesh is Chinese and we will take it from Dirty India sooner rather than later.
    John, Germany

    • You Chinese Dog !!!

      Ask your mother.You don’t know hindi Otherwise I will tell you a long tell of Punjabi Gali( Abuses)

      Sala Bhanchod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yaa rite, and we’ll take all of Tibet

    Max, Russia

    • Why you support these Chinese Dogs ?

      Just try to take a inch of Tibet, We will take you to Indian villages
      And will store you in a dustbin.

      Kuta, bahnchod, Tri maa ki chut mein kale kale chole !!!

  3. True Indian Says:

    No one can take Arunachal Pradesh from India. And if greedy China try they will lose more than getting anything. China just have to forget Arunachal Pradesh and should focus on its own territory.

  4. Fuck filthy china,AP is India’s.

  5. India is best Says:

    China is fucking a** hole and they fucking intention will never be fullfilled…..

  6. History repeats itself. There was time when china took advantage of novice Indian and stabbed behind in to. But today, if someone thinks that china can take AP then he/she/china is living in fool paradise.
    As we all know that “Only one pebble is enough to create ripples in the pond.”
    Means that china knows that India has changed. War with India means Chinese extinction from the map.
    As sited from USA, India and Israel aliens. So pray for Tibet independence now That is not far!!!!

  7. No One Can Fight With India.
    Even It is China or Pak…….

    • Bengia yangfuh Says:

      As commented by foreigners Indians are full of themselves.thinks they are superior most people in this world.Thinks they can overcome America and China.the truth most of the weapons are purchased from European countries Japan or America even when millions of people are dying of hunger just to show the world India is a powerfull country.

  8. Jo Bole So Nihaal…

    Sat Sri Akal……

    Har Har Mahadev…

    Jai Shiv Shanker….


    I am an Indian and I live in North East of India.Our whole North East is a part Of India and no one can take it from India.Every North Eastern will shed their Blood but will not give an inch of our motherland to this greedy country.Let them come,In 1962 we were not totally prepared but this time we are ready.We North Eastern cant forget what they did to us in 1962 war.BEWARE OF INDIA.JAI HIND

  10. Khalistan wins freedom Says:

    The sikh community all over the world supports chinese demand of arunachal pradesh.

    China and Pakistan are helping Khalistan to win freedom and we are thankful to both.

    China owns arunachal pradesh.

    Death to India.

    All hindus are dirty gandhis.

    We hate the dirty gandhis.

    • Porki stop using Sikhism for your dirty politics. Sikhs never did and never will support Chinair Pakistan against India!

  11. India liars and thieves Says:

    Arunachal Pradesh has been part of China for thousands of years.

    Arunachal Pradesh was signed over to the BRITISH during the BRITISH INVASION OF TIBET.

    This land rightfully belongs to China, INDIA HAS NO CLAIM ON IT. Just because the British stole Arunachal Pradesh from China doesn’t mean that YOU GET IT!

    • First of all Tibet is not part of China.
      So your argument doesn’t hold good.

      If you want to talk about history, Indians entered China first and stayed there before settling down in current India.
      So would that make China part of India?

    • Lingdum Sanjay Says:

      Fuck you if you are chinese or enemy of India.
      Arunachal is noy only by India but it is a intergal part of India.
      And no one can take it away.

  12. i liv in arunachal pradesh n m an indian , india is my country.. SARE JAHA SE ACHCHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA HAMARA.. stay away ol ching chong pong ching(chinese)

  13. JOHNY BORANG Says:

    when i was born i was born as an INDIAN, n i will be an Indian till i die.

  14. find us a way Says:

    i been living in arunachal all my life and i am an arunacahleee .But the problem is that i now ‘m living in mainland india , they dont treat us like indians ……..i hate the fact that, we consider ourselves so indians but we are different . i dont want to be in china as well .the thing that they have done to tibet is too bad and i dont want my ppl to end up tha way……….and i hate the thought that indians consider us as outsiders.

  15. I’m sorry but nationalism aside, China is actually in the right. Look at most maps of British India pre 1947 and you will see that Arunachal is a part of China*. I have met many Indians and their loathe for the Chinese is very apparent. I’m not sure whether it is out of spite or simple jealousy. Also to those idiots professing that Tibet is going to get independence – remember that there are seperatist movements going on in Assam, Manipur, Kashmir, Meghalaya, Punjab, Nagaland, Tripura and even in Arunachal itself . These movements always gain momentum and sooner or later the nations will get independence. “India” is a failing British colonial concept and these dents are shattering faster than you can say ‘hindustan’. Tick tock India.

    Marc, Germany.


    • Get a life mate … Stay concerned about your Deutschland. No one knows details about that old map and that map was just a mare assumption of Indian territories not a full scaled Indian map. On other hand that map shows different states of different clans u can’t call it India cos it wasn’t a democratic republic of India at that time it was different people with different cultures.After the Independence they were given options to join India .And they choose it . Get your facts write, posting a link from wikipedia doesn’t prove anything .If u like providing prove on what u think ,then post a scholars article or something.NOT WIKIPEDIA. COS I CHANGE INFORMATION ON THAT SITE MATTER OF SO CAN U .

  16. fuck chineese bastards go to hell rascales what do you thing about your self that india doesn’t have power to defeat you bastards why are you asking india terriory why cant you concentrate on your own territory why our black majic eyes are there on our territory 1st you control illegally aksai chin that is indian terriory [kashmir part] know your saying to our prime minister not to visit our own territory how are yo to say it is our house and we can go to our place how dare to say this bastard that not to visit. you dont vist to india ragarding trade purpose idiot you dont now about indian power if we reverse then god also cant stop to occupy your tibet so better to forfet about our territory and have a good relationship with india ok mind it

  17. true indian says Says:

    hye you chineese dogs be care full to india know. you does’t have right to ask our mother land (arunachal) its was our it is and it will no chineese have right to claim our land firsly accept the fact that tibet is not your territory you were taken on 100 years lease fron britain. how come you ask the internal part of india you bastards. firstly know about history. dont keep your black magic eye on our land. concentrate on your own territory. other wise we claim whole tibet ok. we dont want you but you want india support accept it if you real want to do the buisness with us then better to forgot claimming arunachal any how 100% its our territory no dought. but still you shmeless claiming our motherland. if started claimming tibet then you people fucked very bad. and one more thing we have enough power to defeat you bastards be aware that india have so many missiles to distroy our tibet totally.

  18. hey i am from arunachal! here there are diffrent kind of clain live but most intersting is like a nishy clan,this people look like a chinese or thai people,ummm take apatani looks like a korean peopl and,japanese look like people also here ahaha..
    and here we dont know hindi language we can say broken hindi but dont know how 2 read and write aahhahaha ..
    i dont know i am indian or chinese or diffrent people …
    by buru ^__^

  19. u’mmm right yapa ..
    me 2 dont know hindi language to write and read only says broken hindi …
    when i watch news,movie,drama(in tv) i never ever see or read about arunachal pradesh …..i dont know they like my people or not!
    i was very angry when our minister die in a helicopter accident,
    indian govt. was sleep(hate it)
    even tv news also they only show 10 or 20 second of newes about our minister,than its gone never talk again about arunachal,
    never show a real news only this meaningless drama,film all the what you call bhahu betiya blah blah talks 24 hours….
    they never treat arunachal like a good n proud state
    they think this place is a junglii…
    NGO(i) very shy 2 say i am indian …

  20. not only Arunachal but Himachal was historically a part of China. Can check any older maps of China and India and you wi ll see and those maps which are used in world maps. British took it with devide and rule and bought illegally few lands in Hp and China have full right to take back every inch of it’s land. just by barking Indian cannot make illegal legal.

  21. Kalom The Patriot Says:


    • Bengia yangfuh Says:

      Apna laaro choos beh bahinchoot.arunachal mein indians pehle tah hi nahi.apna patriotic feelings apna paas rak be bapp hmlogo ka jaga mein hone sein samaj nah hmlog dusra desh mein ji raha hai jaisa.fool sala kooch malum nahi hokhe maat bolo toh arunachal nam baappp chot indira gandhi diya tah.arunachal aao yaha kah ekh ekh nam Tibetan hain.

    • Bengia yangfuh Says:

      Tera jaisa ekh haring arunachal mein milne sein tikh hoga.yaha peh toh tmlog bhi chooha kah jaisa hotah hai.lekin l
      Hmlog mil jool khe betta hai.

  22. taring diri Says:

    I’m from arunachal and i hate Indians they giving us privilege just to keep our land.

    Indian think we are fools,stupids,idiots and uncivilized busters.
    Indians are not owner of arunachal however we are third class citizens of Tibet. Once again i reminding you I HATE INDIANS

  23. taring diri Says:

    FUCKING Indians we won’t to be Indian.

  24. Ding frm A.P Says:

    I’m an arunachalee, i lyk both india and china. But the prob. Of being an india is that, its been more than 60 years since the independent but there’s still no development to our state. And most of the indians don’t knw about A.P and thats fuckin mean! For them we dn’t even exist, they call us Nepali or chinese. Indian govt. Started noticing when china startd to claim A.P.
    We called ourselves indian but they call us “the outsiders”. FUCK!!
    if china promise that they will nt harm the peoples of A.P Then i would lyk to call myself as chinese rather to be unknwn!
    B’cz “anything is better than nothing.”
    ~~Thank You.

  25. Bengia yangfuh Says:

    I don’t want to be a part of India where they only discriminate.Im from Arunachal.China help us out of these bloodsucking Indians.

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