Darjeeling Times

It will be almost seven years since any news-magazine has seen the light of the sun after Beacon. I have joined as the editor of the Printed Editon of The Darjeeling Times and hence, have been working towards the first issue of the same. We intend to bring out the first issue of The Darjeeling Times on the first of December this year. Meanwhile, you folks can check out its online edition at http://www.darjeelingtimes.com. The online version of Beacon now revamped and looking ever more beautiful can be reached at http://www.beacononline.wordpress.com


One Response to “Darjeeling Times”

  1. Harihar Panda Says:

    Dear Sri Roy,
    I am shortly going to DJ. May I hope to meet you there in person?after my retirement from Govt. service I am now heading a Publicatin House in Orissa.Could you please write a ljne in reply?

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