Much to be said….

If words could for this bit be my comrades and rage battle for there will be none tomorrow. The worst of the days are ahead and the gloomy clouds have already started to gather over the horizon.


4 Responses to “Much to be said….”

  1. I completely agree with Kaila Bhai everyone and everything seems to be corrupted here in Darjeeling. I would like to share one incident with you guys just these couple of days ago – We were with Deepak Gurung, the District President of GNLF, as soon as he heard Bimal Gurung was leading a massive rally towards Lal Kothi, he picked up his mobile and called on to someone and asked him saying, “Bhai, lu jatttai Edward bhai lai bulau ta. Hamro Ajay Edward lai.” I was completely taken aback. What possibly could be the meaning of this. What would Ajay have to do with GNLF or stopping Bimal Gurung.

  2. A sigh of relief when i got to this blog, because i could find thinking and sensible people. I totally agree with the Prashant thing – he came in when Prashant was in top 3, before this he was not even bothered. He is a pure sign of what an opportunist is all about. People his goons are getting stronger everyday with the administration weakening. They carry illegal guns and there is no one to catch them. Same old thugs in new clothes. In town, people are joining because of the fear factor, and this is sheer stupidity. More blogs of this kind should come up and educate the people. Great blog Barun.

  3. DarjeelingKOMo Says:

    why was it necessary for Bimal goons to attack KB Gurung who was returning with two of his friends? Sincerely, this Bimal Gurung talks from both of his holes mukh baata pani ani condo baata pani. Speech garcha gandhi ko, kaam garcha dada giri ko. yo chikne dhalyo bhane saanti huncha

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