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Two bundles of Joy

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Folks, I am introducing two bundles of Joy who have given me a great deal in the couple of years since I have know them. Tomorrow I am sure they will blaze through destiny and be loved and cherished by all. But I have already shared with them a part of my soul. I am grateful for their love and attention and for being two huge bundles of joy.

Akriti Pradhan ala Aki


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Students injured in freak car accident

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injured girlDarjeeling: Four students were severely injured today when a Ghoom Jorebungalow Motor Syndicate Taxi they had boarded fell into a ditch near Batasia. The students were returning home after attending the peace rally organized by the citizens of Darjeeling. An elderly lady and five men from Ghoom were among those injured. The injured were immediately rushed to the District Hospital at Darjeeling by local Samaritans and attended upon by the emergency staff. According to Dikchin Lamu a student from St. Joseph’s College, who was the first to be brought to the hospital, the driver while fiddling for coins lost control and inadvertently led the car into a ditch. No charges have been so far made against the driver so far.


Samaritan Anand Pradhan and Rupen Biswakarma who rushed the injured to the Hospital.

Six hrs of relaxation – passes unobserved

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deserted clubside Darjeeling: Six hours of relaxation was announced by the GNLF today in order to allow the people to prepare themselves for a long strike ahead. The relaxation that was scheduled from 10 am however, passed unobserved as the market remained closed and the people chose to stay at home. No communication from the Administration was also forthcoming on the suspension of the Section 144.

The strike had been called to demand the arrest of the assailants who attacked and wounded K. B. Gurung, a former DGHC Councillor and GNLF leader.

Towards the Dark Ages

Posted in Somethings I must say on November 25, 2007 by Barun Roy

Where are we headed to? We tell the world that we can unite to make one of our lads an Indian Idol. We can give our life to protect someone’s house, someone’s country and be called a brave Gorkha! But when it comes to saving our own home, fighting for our own rights we end up killing each other. Have we all lost our mind? This is not the question of Subash Ghisingh or Bimal Gurung or Madam Tamang or R. B. Rai. This is not the question of which party is right or wrong. This is the question of whether we can work together and achieve something without hacking each other’s head. Where are the intellectuals in Bimal Gurung’s Party or for that matter Deepak Gurung’s GNLF (now that Subash Ghisingh is practically non-existent)? What happened to Bimal Gurung’s Gandhian Revolution? Has he already forgotten his own words – “our struggle shall be democratic and peaceful”? What has happened to GNLF leaders and why are their cadres so panic stricken that the only way they can operate is by coaxing individuals? Have we all lost our senses? This is twenty first century. We are building space stations and here we are back to our primitive self. How long will our destinies ruled by those armed with Khukuris? Don’t we have any conscience left? Any shred of courage to speak out our mind. Where is the freedom when we can’t even decide of our own free will? What good will Gorkhaland or Sixth Schedule status be if these very people will be ruling over us? We all have to fight not for Gorkhaland or Sixth Schedule but freedom from our own fear, stupidity and primitive mentality. If we don’t have courage to accept our own weaknesses …. if we don’t have decency to accept our own selfishness… our own greed, our wanton desire to succeed and live peacefully. Then surely we are to be doomed. If we have the devil to rule upon us then it is not his fault for we allow him to rule upon us. If we no longer have any freedom to speak up our mind then it is not the fault of a Khukuri welding hooligan who comes to silence us. It is our fault for we helped the leaders in arming him, giving him courage to strike fear upon us. Now that we have become so shameless, coward and greedy that hell is going to freeze over engulf the whole of Darjeeling Hills.

Darjeeling Times

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It will be almost seven years since any news-magazine has seen the light of the sun after Beacon. I have joined as the editor of the Printed Editon of The Darjeeling Times and hence, have been working towards the first issue of the same. We intend to bring out the first issue of The Darjeeling Times on the first of December this year. Meanwhile, you folks can check out its online edition at The online version of Beacon now revamped and looking ever more beautiful can be reached at

Happy Tihar / Diwali

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Happy Tihar

Much to be said….

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If words could for this bit be my comrades and rage battle for there will be none tomorrow. The worst of the days are ahead and the gloomy clouds have already started to gather over the horizon.