A visit to the Mahakala Temple

Barun RoyI had the good fortune to visit Mahakala Temple situated at the Observatory Hill in Darjeeling after almost five years. The visit was made even more memorable by my mother, my girlfriend, my aunt and her children who accompanied me to the temple. A lot of pics were taken as usual but this time I became the subject of most of the pics.

I strongly recommend all visitors to Darjeeling to visit the magnificient Observatory Hill and the Mahakala Temple.

Here are some of the pics from the visit. Most of these pics are people oriented as I love to work with them as my subject.

Mahakala Temple

A Priest applying vermillion on the forehead of a boy while he offers a flower to Nandi 

Mysterious Cave at the Mahakala Temple, Darjeeling

The Mysterious Cave at the Mahakala Temple  

Religious Procession

A religious procession on the occasion of Phulpati making its way towards the Mahakala Temple


2 Responses to “A visit to the Mahakala Temple”

  1. darjeelingtealadyfumiko Says:

    I have dreams of visiting this Temple.
    Thank you for your posting.


  2. I love Darjeeling and hope to be one day there.

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