A Barun Roy Endeavour

A Barun Roy Endeavour LogoAll my creations including Posters, Paintings, CD/DVD Covers, Logos and others will now come with a ‘Barun Roy Endeavour Logo’ and watermark for protection against design, idea and concept theft. I think that it is paramount for us to copyright and trademark our creations for protection against theft and misuse. My experiences with Nafisha’ a short story and later a movie script where it was distorted, misrepresented and ultimately rewritten with another title ‘Yahaan’ and adapted into a big budget Bollywood movie without a dime or courtesy call and most recently with Triratna Productions where I was not paid for my creations vis-à-vis Triratna Productions Logos and others were grossly disappointing. While Yahaan went out to become a great success at the box office without me anywhere in its titles, I was able to stop Triratna Productions from using my logos. They have given up using all my logos.


One Response to “A Barun Roy Endeavour”

  1. Sai Kishore Limbu Says:

    Hi barun da, i had requested you to kindly correct your statements regarding the use of the logos designed by you for my production. i agree that i refused to pay you the charge you demanded for the making of those 2 logos ,that is Rs 10,000/- each , for the simple reason that it was very exorbitent for us and was much more than what we had supposed. but you should too acknowledge the fact that we did pay you Rs 2000/- each for those logos. so i think it is unfair in your part to say that you were ” not paid ” for it. infact to ease matters further , i stopped using the logos and hired another designer to design a new logo for my production, though later you had given us the permission to use it. i am not trying to dig an old grave here but i would not want people to have a false picture about us and our production. so i would be very grateful if u could kindly look into this matter and make the necessary corrections. We have not been unfair to you and we do expect the same from you.
    Thanking you ,
    Yours sincerely,
    Managing Director

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